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image of plumber checking water heaterIf you are seeking a local Maryland plumber in Beltsville, then look no further – Benjamin Franklin is here to help!

Our trained technicians know residential and commercial plumbing like the back of their hand.

We have the equipment and expertise required to do everything from clearing a few blocked drains to replacing your entire sewer system.

You’ll be amazed at how efficiently plumbing work can be done with a Benjamin Franklin plumber on the job.

We know it’s no fun to stand in a pool of cold water when you are trying to take a warm shower. And washing your hands in a clogged sink full of dirty water isn’t the most sterile experience in the world either.

Plumbing problems are an inconvenience that puts a burden on your back on an already busy day.

That’s why we respond to service calls as quickly as possible and arrive on schedule.

Forget about waiting at home during a “window” where your technician will show up anywhere from 10 to 4.

We make precise appointments for service calls and make every effort to get there right when you need us to.

The Advantage of Professional Plumbers

We want all of our neighbors in Beltsville to enjoy a hassle-free life, at least when it comes to pipes and sewers.

That’s why our technicians go out of their way to show respect to you and your home. We keep our work area clean and make sure everything looks nice before we finish the project.

Benjamin Franklin plumbers are certified and licensed to perform all kinds of jobs, even for big construction projects.

Don’t hesitate to call us to put in new pipes in a renovated room in your home or to install everything needed in your new addition. We aren’t afraid of complex or difficult tasks.

Our Services

We provide a variety of plumbing services in the Beltsville area.

While it would take up a lot of space to list all of them here, there are a few common services that we provide on a regular basis:slide10

  • Hot Water Heaters: We service and install hot water heaters so that you can enjoy plenty of warm baths in the days ahead. If you are sick of suddenly being chased out of the shower by cold water, give us a call to discuss replacing your current appliance with a more powerful one with additional capacity.
  • Sewers: Working with sewers isn’t the most glamorous task around, but it’s certainly important. After all, disposing of waste with a simple flush is one of the most convenient features of a modern home! We can also replace your conventional system with a trenchless sewer. We install, clean and repair trenchless sewers without excavating the main line or causing needless damage to your property.
  • Pipes and drains: Clogs happen. We clean out blocked drains and pipes to keep all of your sinks, tubs, toilets and appliances running smoothly. If your sink or shower takes forever to drain, imagine how nice it will be when we clear all the grime and gunk out of your system.

Legal Information

As a census-designated place (CDP), plumbing work in Beltsville, Maryland is regulated by the Prince George County government.

You can find more information about local legal requirements on the county’s website, at

The county isn’t the only authority over plumbing work and permits though. The Washington Suburban Sanitary commission,, is also responsible for waste and water management throughout the region.

Depending on the project, you may need to consult with a representative from this organization as well as a county official.

There may also be specific legal codes enforced in your community, so make sure you check for requirements enforced by a local homeowner’s association or similar group.

Get started now!

Don’t wait until your plumbing problems become unbearable; call Ben Franklin to schedule a service call!

Feel free to contact us about your project and to ask any questions you have. Honest and transparent service is our policy, so we’re happy to give you a free estimate on the work to be done before you commit.